Welcome to Funtastic Gymnastic Therapy

Funtastic Gymnastic offers a special swim program that is designed to provide an educational and therapeutic environment for children with special needs. We continually train our instructors to work with special needs children. While our lessons may appear simplistic and fun they are in reality carefully orchestrated and tailored to each child's special needs and abilities. The aquatic environment is excellent for "special children" because water exercise has many benefits: It improves flexibility, coordination and range of motion, it strengthens and tones the muscles without hurting vulnerable joints and it allows for longer exercise time because the body is working with buoyancy, not gravity as on land. Aquatic therapy Increases the child's self-esteem because he is able to forget about his limitations while learning new behaviors, skills and learning strategies in an environment that promotes success mixed with fun and play. Through participation in the program, the "special child" learns to feel more positive about himself/herself. The goals of the program are to increase the child's self-esteem, strength, coordination and swim skills.

Why Funtastic Gymnastic Therapy?

Our mission is to utilize a fun gymnastic environment to encourage and increase body and spatial awareness, tactile discovery, strength, and confidence in each and every unique child.