Welcome to Funtastic Gymnastic Therapy

Funtastic Gymnastic Therapy uses traditional clinically based therapies and transforms them into fun, dynamic and valuable experiences by using the gymnastic environment as a means to deliver these therapies. Our licensed therapists either have a background in gymnastics or have received training in fundamental gymnastics. Children are much more receptive to participating in therapy when it is an enjoyable experience. At Funtastic we like to say “it is so much fun they don’t even know it’s therapy.” Our unique approach combines therapy, social interaction, sensory integration, strengthening, coordination, sequencing, and following directions. As each child achieves new goals and skills we see an increase in self-esteem and confidence that carries over into their daily activities.

Funtastic Gymnastic Therapy uses proprietary assessment and tracking programs that we are able to share with parents and other approved professionals. We encourage parents to follow along with the treatment plans and we value outside input. We provide take home exercises to reinforce the skills our therapists are working on in the sessions.

Funtastic Gymnastic Therapy is recommended for children with:

•   Autistic Spectrum Disorder

•   Handwriting Difficulties

•   Ocular Motor Deficits

•   Coordination Disorder

•   Sensory Integration Issues

•   Hypotonia

•   Downs Syndrome

•   Developmental Delay

  1.   Language Delays

  2.   And other diagnosis